Conservative Dentistry

odontologia conservadora marbella

Conservative Dentistry at Dental Clinic SanaSmile, Marbella.

Conservative dentistry treats oral problems without the removal of the damaged tooth. It is used to repair injured areas, mainly dental caries, and other conditions.

And exactly what kind of treatment do we offer? Dentists and odontologists at SanaSmile Dental Clinic in Marbella perform restorative dentistry rebuilding damaged teeth by removing the damaged tissue without harming the rest of the healthy tooth. After removal the area is treated with a sealant, commonly called a filling, returning the tooth to its natural shape and appearance.

If the affected area is too large or the dental nerve becomes compromised, we can perform a root canal or tooth extraction. It is for this reason that it is important to see a dentist when tooth decay is detected. If we catch the problem in time, we can avoid a root canal or tooth extraction.

At SanaSmile, Dental Clinic in Marbella, we perform conservative dentistry treatments to treat and restore damaged teeth and give our patients their smile and oral health back.

Our odontologists and dentists in Marbella have extensive experience and are constantly trained in new industry techniques; always stay up to date and offer our patients the quality care they deserve.

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