Endodontics Marbella

endodoncia marbella

We have a specialist in endodontics treatments in Marbella.

Endodontics, is the branch of dentistry that deals with removing either in part or in full, dental pulp, sealing the pulp canal and replacing it with an inorganic filler that ensures the internal sealing of the tooth, restoring its capacity for chewing and its appearance.

It is a complex treatment that requires the participation of a highly specialised dentist (endodontist), since it is a demanding treatment that requires a medical professional who is expert in this area to get a good result. For all these procedures, at SanaSmile Dental Clinic in Marbella, we have a root canal specialist who has the knowledge and experience needed to implement the most effective techniques in Endodontics.

Why does dental pulp become infected? There are various factors that cause infection of the pulp, resulting in its necrosis and therefore prompting the need to carry out a root canal. The most common factor is when the decay is not treated early, in addition to dental trauma or periodontal disease.

And how is a root canal performed? The first thing the dentist does is to numb the area. Then a hole is created on the tooth crown so the pulp is accessible and can be removed. Then it is cleaned until the end of the root; the tubes and the crown are sealed off with specific materials.


When treatment is complete, our dentists at SanaSmile Dental Clinic will do a follow-up to verify the correct development of the root canal.

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