Dental Prostheses Marbella

protesis dental marbella

At SanaSmile Dental Clinic, you’ll find expert dentists in Marbella in Dental Prostheses.

Dentures can replace a missing tooth or a whole set of teeth. They can be fixed or removable:

-Fixed Dental prosthesis: they are inserted by first placing implants that are fixed to the jawbone and on to which the new denture is then screwed, achieving the functionality of a normal tooth.

-Hybrid dental prosthesis: made up of two parts, one fixed in the mouth, and another that can be removed and placed back again.

-Removable dental prosthesis: also called dentures are the most common, especially for older people. They return the mouth to normal functionality, especially for eating, talking, or have an aesthetic function, with the additional advantage that it can be comfortably removed when you want to clean it. It is tailor made for the patient so it adapts perfectly to the tissues and the shape of the jaws in which it rests, so that in this way it can not move from the gum. These prostheses can be for all teeth or just one or two. In any case, you should Transluzidentremove them at night to allow your mouth to rest.

With both dentures, dentists at SanaSmile Clinic keep track of the patient to see how they respond to them and help them in their adaptation.

Also in SanaSmile Dental Clinic only we work with high quality prosthesis as TransluZident.

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