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Committed to oral health.

We all know the adage that prevention is better than cure. And at SanaSmile Dental Clinic it is an adage with which we completely agree: if we know the best way to take care of our mouth, and if we perform routine brushing, among other measures, we can prevent diseases such as gingivitis or tooth decay, which can lead to other diseases that are even worse.

At SanaSmile Dental Clinic we are committed to bringing our patients knowledge of the best way to take care of their oral health. If prevention is not possible, it helps to diagnose the disease early in order to minimize the consequences and thus simplify treatment.

To achieve this, it is necessary to make regular visits to the office, because the early stages of oral diseases are usually painless.

Some recommendations for preventing disease are:

-Clean teeth daily, not only by brushing but also by flossing and applying mouthwash. To complete the cleaning process, you should undergo regular dental cleanings at the office.

The correct alignment of your teeth is also very important to avoid having areas where bacteria can accumulate and are very difficult to clean. For this, the use of orthodontics or Invisalign invisible braces is the solution.

-Diet is a fundamental part of preventing oral disease although few people pay attention to it: we are used to eating a diet rich in sugars, especially children, which causes tooth decay.

Why is it necessary to undergo a dental cleaning at the Clinic?

– It is necessary to go to the dental clinic once a year for a check-up and a professional dental hygiene session to prevent oral problems.

– A clinical dental cleaning removes the accumulated tartar and prevents the formation of plaque.

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