Bruxism Marbella

bruxismo marbella

Bruxism is commonly known as teeth-grinding, either during the day or during sleep. Bruxism happens when we press our upper teeth hard against the lower ones and, also moving them back and forth and vice versa, usually unconsciously.

The most common symptoms of bruxism are:

-Sore face, head, ear, neck or jaw.


-Limitation in mobility of the mouth and/or intermittent blockages in its opening.

-Dental sensitivity to cold or heat.




The causes of bruxism are not fully known; however it is believed that the main cause is stress, but it may also be due to improper alignment of the teeth, poor nutrition or poor posture, etc.

Among the problems or consequences of bruxism are excessive wear of the teeth, which can cause aesthetic and functional problems, or loss of jaw bone.

To help prevent these consequences, mouth guards or splints are used during sleep to prevent the wear of teeth and bone.

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