Dental Whitening Marbella


Dental Whitening in Marbella.

There are times when our teeth are not as white as we would like them to be. They have a darker or yellowish colour due to several factors, such as tobacco, coffee or simply age.

To solve this problem, apart from a correct oral health, we must undergo a dental whitening process, where we will lighten our teeth several tones.

In SanaSmile Clinic, your Dental Clinic for whitening treatments in Marbella, we offer the best dental whitening treatments.

Which are the benefits of dental whitening? Mainly, your teeth will look healthy, a beautiful smile makes us more confident to smile.

What does the process involve? In SanaSmile Clinic, the Dental Clinic in Marbella, we start off examining the condition of the teeth, checking their tone with samples of different dental tones. After that we perform a cleaning to eliminate the plaque accumulated and stains. Then we protect the gums with a special paste to place on top of a whitening hydrogen peroxide gel, which we place under a cold light that opens the pores of the teeth, so that the gel penetrates in the dentine. We clean the whitening gel and the protective paste, and we check the difference with the tones.

Which are the advantages of dental whitening? The dental whitening sessions does not take more than an hour, after which you will notice the results. Besides, the process does not damage the enamel or the gum unlike other methods, which are done without the supervision of an expert.

For this reason it is important that you request information about dental whitening in SanaSmile Clinic with our specialists, and start smiling.

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